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Dog Daycare Minneapolis & Golden Valley

“I’ve been bringing my miniature Dachshund here twice a week since he was a teeny tiny puppy and he LOVES it. When we pull up in the morning he cannot get to the front door fast enough, so it’s obvious the staff at Metro Dogs have curated a happy environment for him to play with his friends. I’ve always felt confident leaving him in their hands and will continue to recommend them to other dog owners.”
– Erin M.

How do I get my dog started as a daycare client at Metro Dogs Daycare?

Step 1: Create an online account through our Gingr Portal. Click here for the web browser version. For iPhone or Android, download “Gingr for Pet Parents” from your app store. Enter invite code: 673608 to access Metro Dogs Portal. Create a profile for yourself and your dog(s). Your portal offers access to your daycare reservations, grooming services, immunization records, prepaid packages, and so much more!!

Step 2: Upload your dog’s veterinary information to your Gingr portal or contact your veterinarian and have them email their information to [email protected] . Your vet may also call us and verbally confirm the information. We require the following veterinary information:

  • Rabies (required by 16 weeks of age)
  • DHPP (aka “distemper”)
  • Bordetella
  • Negative fecal exam done within the past year

Step 3: Wait for our Front Desk Manager to reach out to you via email. (Check your spam folder if you haven’t heard from us in 48 business hours!) Your first day, aka the evaluation day, is scheduled with specific drop-off and pick-up times so that you may speak with a manager on duty.

Our evaluations are scheduled to allow for the manager adequate time with each new dog, therefore we are unable to accommodate for late arrivals. If you are unable to arrive by the scheduled time, please call to reschedule.

Once you schedule your evaluation day, you will be sent more instructions on what to bring for your dog’s first day of daycare.

Our Promise

The entire Metro Dogs Daycare Team is 100% committed to providing you peace-of-mind with the very best dog daycare and boarding experience possible. We are all dog lovers here and understand what it’s like want a trustworthy, loving location for our dogs when we can't be with them. We Promise, You Will See & Feel the Metro Dogs Daycare Difference.


House Rules

Metro Dogs Daycare is a social, group environment where the dogs hang out and play together all day. In order to keep things, well, orderly, certain rules apply. All dogs must meet the following:

Health requirements: 

  • Up to date on following vaccines:
    • Rabies (by 16 weeks of age)
    • DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo and Parainfluenza) or equivalent
    • Bordetella (aka Canine Cough)
    • Highly encouraged but not required: Canine Influenza
  • Be free of communicable disease and have a recent fecal exam, at least within the last 12 months
  • Be free of parasites and be on veterinarian-approved flea and tick preventions during months at which temperatures can be above 32F (generally April through November)
  • Sterilization done by 12 months of age, no females in heat at any age

Behavior requirements: 

  • Pass a temperament evaluation
  • Comfortably engage with dogs of all kinds
  • Be safely handled by all staff members
  • Share toys with other dogs and accept treats without possession towards dogs or staff
  • Displays of behavior relating to stress (incessant barking, excessive mounting, not taking treats, reactivity) are NOT allowed with your dog’s best interest in mind
  • Displays of negative behaviors relating to being intact (mounting, intersex reactivity, excessive marking, obsession with another dog) are NOT allowed and the dog may be asked to take a break until sterilized


  • A titer test may replace the DHPP vaccine, talk with your vet for more information on titer testing
  • Sterilization may be extended past 12 months if recommended by your veterinarian and if your dog is not displaying any concerning behaviors driven by being intact

Our evaluation process, one of the most important aspects of the Metro Dogs Daycare program, is designed to identify potential troublemakers—overly aggressive or defensive dogs. Neither of which makes for a fun, safe place for your dog to be.

*New Client Evaluation Days are by appointment only.