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St. Paul dog day care & boarding - Metro Dogs Daycare
St. Paul dog day care & boarding - Metro Dogs Daycare
St. Paul dog day care & boarding - Metro Dogs Daycare

Making Life Easier for the
Busy Urban Dog Owner

(612) 333-3612


Trick of the Month

Trick of the Month

Give your dog the opportunity to hang with Beth, our daycare trainer, for one-on-one training sessions to learn brand new tricks.

Dogs need more than just food and water. You know that! You give them a safe home, with a loving family; you let them engage socially with their doggy friends at daycare. But how do you address their cognitive needs? They can’t read books (they don’t have thumbs to turn the page!), they can’t play music (those gosh darn thumbs!), and they sure can’t play video games (aagh, thumbs!!)! Let Metro Dogs help you out; we’ll pair your pup up with a senior staff member for some one-on-one training time while at daycare!

Not only will your pup be able to physically drain energy playing with their friends, but they’ll now be able to engage their brain to tire them out. A dog that learns new tricks is doing physical brain work! They’re creating new neural pathways and the positive reinforcement they receive helps drop that happy dopamine brain chemical, which makes them even more motivated and engaged!

Drop your dog off for daycare as usual. If they are attending a full day, your dog will receive a one-on-one training period between 10am and 12pm, and another between 1pm and 3pm. Each period lasts anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes but on average 15 minutes. If your dog attends a half-day of daycare, their training period falls within the matching time window stated above.

Each dog progresses with its tricks at a different rate, so you will receive updates along the way with their progress. We will provide you with information on how to work with them at home to further their training as well! The more opportunity we all give your dog to work on their tricks, the sooner they will come to fruition, so we recommend adding training sessions onto multiple daycare reservations!

If your dog is a super stellar rock star scholar, they can learn many different tricks with Metro Dogs help! And that’s when you can show off their talents at your next dinner party!! Although showing off the tricks is the tangible value of Trick of the Month, we cannot express how much more your dog gets out of these sessions. Dogs that attend Trick of the Month go home extra snoozy, are more excited to attend daycare and have such strong bonds and connections with the staff they train with. Expect them to never want to leave Metro Dogs now!



Select from six different lists:

1. Foundation Training/Novice Tricks

2. Intermediate Tricks

3. Advanced Tricks

4. Cooperative Care

5. Dog Sport Basics

6. Behavior trick groups

Full trick and training list available here: CLICK HERE FOR JULY TRICKS


ADD this to your reservation, either:
4. Let us know at DROP OFF! 
Beth, Metro Dogs daycare training, giving her Australian Shepherd Pete a high five in front if the Minneapolis Skyline.
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Trick Pricing & Packages

Full Day Tricks includes two separate training sessions (to be used for full day of daycare)
Half Day Tricks includes one training session (can be used for half day or full day of daycare)
 Total CostSavingsExpiration
Full Day Session$20
5 pack of Full Day Tricks$90Save $10Expires in 3 months
10 pack of Full Day Tricks$165Save $35Expires in 6 months
20 pack of Full Day Tricks$315Save $85Expires in 6 months
Single Half Day Session$10
5 pack of Half Day Tricks$45Save $5Expires in 3 months
10 pack of Half Day Tricks$82.50Save $17.50Expires in 6 months
20 pack of Half Day Tricks$157.50Save $42.50Expires in 6 months

Have questions on something we haven’t answered here? Send Beth an email, [email protected].