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Dog Daycare Add-On Services

At Metro Dogs we’re all about the dogs! We think our doggy daycare alone is pretty stinkin’ great, but dogs need more than just social play to be fulfilled. Just like kids go to school to socialize, learn important life skills, perfect their communication, and create relationships with their teachers, dogs should do more while they’re at puppy school!

We’ve added some fun services so that you and your dog get the most out of a day at Metro Dogs. Here are a few of the options you have available, scroll further to learn more!

  • Grooming Services during their day of play
  • “Trick of the Month” one on one training
  • Doggy Birthday Parties with their besties
  • Pre-K PLUS for puppies under 16 weeks
  • Relaxin’ Rover body conditioning and brain games
  • Sound Hound Canine Massage special
  • To The Moon professional photography


Need a spa day? Let Metro Dogs be your one-stop shop! Metro Dogs offers a wide range of grooming services to be done while your dog attends their daycare reservation. Click this link to check out the full list of available grooming services for Metro Dogs daycare clients.


For a full overview of Trick of the Month, visit the direct webpage HERE.

Give your dog the opportunity to hang with Beth, our daycare trainer, one-on-one and work on some training! Trick of the Month focuses on teaching your dog what is most valuable to you! We have options for basic obedience, fun trick training, agility and nosework basics, cooperative care, and more! Trick of the Month is available during any daycare reservation at Metro Dogs!

Why try Trick of the Month?
Dogs need more than just food and water. You know that! You give them a safe home, with a loving family; you let them engage socially with their doggy friends at daycare. But how do you address their cognitive needs? They can’t read books (they don’t have thumbs to turn the page!), they can’t play music (those gosh darn thumbs!), and they sure can’t play video games (aagh, thumbs!!)!  Not only will your pup be able to physically drain energy playing with their friends, but they’ll now be able to engage their brain to tire them out. A dog that learns new tricks is doing physical brain work! They’re creating new neural pathways and the positive reinforcement they receive helps drop that happy dopamine brain chemical, which makes them even more motivated and engaged!

Don’t take it from us! Here are some reviews from owners like you! Click the image to enlarge.


Metro Dogs will throw your pup a birthday party while they’re here at daycare!! Let us know what day you’d like for us to celebrate your pup’s birthday (or gotcha day!) and we’ll spoil them rotten with decorations, treats, and party games with a few of their closest friends that day! We’ll send you lots of pictures of the celebration and send you home with some special treats and toys. Plus, we’ll send you home sporting a local made birthday bandana! (With option to customize!)

Want to know more, pricing, scheduling, options!? Hop on over to the Birthday Party webpage by clicking HERE.

 Meanwhile, check out these paw-some party photos below!


Puppy Pre-K PLUS is a service add-on for your puppy’s day in Puppy Pre-K. We will provide your puppy with enrichment and socialization beyond their daily routine in Puppy Pre-K. Each reservation they’re scheduled for Pre-K PLUS add-on, your puppy will have exposure to something new and novel. We will take it at their pace and allow them to explore as they’re comfortable.

Novel items may be something as simple as staff wearing a large goofy hat during their playtime sessions, letting your puppy walk on a strangely textured surface, opening an umbrella, or a person walking with a cane! We will also expose your puppy to a variety of items they would be seeing in their vet clinic, a whiff of ear cleaner, the feeling of a real stethoscope, and getting on and off the doggy scale. Have a pup that will need future grooming? We’ll expose them to nail trimmers, nail Dremel, ear cleaning solution, and brushing and handling situations.

At the end of each day in class, you will receive a report card of their progress in Puppy Pre-K and Pre-K PLUS. Overall, Puppy Pre-K PLUS is a great way to build a foundation for a confident puppy that is comfortable in a variety of situations. This add-on service is great if you are looking to have a dog who can be confident and social at places like the vet clinic, breweries, grooming facilities, and pet-friendly stores.


Metro Dogs will soon be offering a specialty add-on for dogs who may need a bit of a moment away from the craziness of the typical playgroup. Although these dogs will still be hanging out with their pals, it will be at a more relaxed and manageable speed in a cushy environment. To make up for the lack of racing around with the young ones, we will be adding body conditioning and brain games. More information coming soon.


Everyone needs a relaxing spa day every now and then, dogs included!! However, the grooming salon isn’t always your dog’s favorite place to be. (Dogs love to be dirty, how dare we scrub them clean!) But we CAN give your dog a massage session that they are SURE to love.

Introducing Heidi, owner of Sound Hound Canine Massage! “I enrolled at Chicago School of Canine Massage and completed a 200-hour certification program that covers canine anatomy, physiology, palliative care, and various massage techniques. The modalities I studied include trigger point therapy, myofascial release, lymphatic massage, and pre- and post-surgical massage. I have obtained certifications in Levels 1 and 2, along with Pet CPR and First Aid. I am nationally certified through NBCAAM: The National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage. I am one of the three nationally certified canine massage therapists in Minnesota.

Massage can benefit your dog in SO many ways. It can help:
• Promote healing after surgery and reduce scar tissue
• Boost the immune system
• Improve flexibility and movement
• Increase circulation
• Alleviate joint and muscle pain
• Reduce anxiety and stress
• Provide comfort during hospice
• Restore lymphatic drainage
• Shorten recovery time from exercise
• Strengthen the bond between pets and their people
• Dogs to learn to enjoy touch and handling
…and so much more!

Heidi will come to Metro Dogs, set up a soothing environment, and get to work with your pup! The best part is, she offers a special massage session just for Metro Dogs clients. Click here to book now.

Visit Sound Hound Canine Massage website for more information.

To The Moon Professional Photography:
More information coming soon.