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Private Dog Training Sessions

Sometimes we need a coach to help us meet our goals – sometimes our dogs need a private trainer to help them succeed! If you have specific training needs for your pup, can’t attend training classes, or need that extra level of accountability, private training is the way to go.

Private Training is great for basic obedience training all the way to more complex behahavior quirks. Our certified trainers can help you with reactivity (to dogs, cars, strangers, and more), basic manners (leash manners, counter surfing, chewing, jumping, and more), puppy training (potty training, crate training, basic obedience, socialization, and more) as well as more unique topics.

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Locations Available:

➩ Metro Dogs (506 N 11th Ave, MPLS MN 55413)

➩ Dog Days Capitol (350 University Ave E, St Paul MN 55130)

➩ In your home! To view service locations with an interactive map click here!

How to book Private Dog Training?

Want to book a Private Training Session? Paw-fect! Login to your Gingr Portal, select ‘New Booking’ and choose the ‘Private Training Appointment’ booking category!

You can book each type of Private Training through the online Gingr portal; In Home Private, Private at Metro Dogs, or Private at Dog Days Capitol. Not sure what one is the best fit for you? Book a FREE Discovery Call and talk with one of our trainers!

Booking policies and Pricing


Deposit: A deposit is required to book your private training session. The deposit is equal to the cost of the session you are requesting. The deposit is consumed when your session is complete.The deposit is refundable if your session is cancelled with more than 48 hours notice. Sessions that are cancelled or rescheduled with less than 48 hour notice will forfeit the deposit.

Rebooking Fee: If you book your session at the wrong location or with the wrong trainer, you are subject to a $10 rebooking fee. Please ensure you are reviewing the booking map prior to booking your appointment in the Gingr portal.

Cancellation and Rescheduling: Our trainers work hard to ensure all clients receive satisfactory services! We require a 48 hour notice for cancelling or rescheduling private training sessions. Sessions that are rescheduled or cancelled with less than 48 hour notice will forfeit their deposit.

Inclement Weather: If the weather is too hazardous for travel and Metro Dogs cancels you will be notified via email and text. If this occurs, the trainers will reach out to you to reschedule within 3 days. At this time, you may opt to reschedule or cancel without losing your deposit.

Safety: If at any time during your Private Training session our Trainer feels their safety is being threatened, they may end the session early and your deposit will be forfeited. Please keep your dog under your control at all times.

Driving Fee: Our trainers offer appointments further outside of the Metro area for an additional driving fee. This fee is set by the trainer based on additional travel distance. More information coming soon.

Private Training Session Pricing

TypeTimeTotal Cost
In Home Private60 mins$120.00
Private at Metro Dogs30 mins$60.00
Private at Metro Dogs60 mins$90.00
Private at Dog Days Capitol30 mins$60.00
Private at Dog Days Capitol60 mins$90.00
Travel Fee (varies per trainer)$20 to $50

Meet our Trainers!

Beth (she/her)

Bethany is a Catch Canine Trainers Academy certified dog trainer (CCDT) with a passion for helping owners and their dogs to become the very best versions of themselves!
She has been training pups at Metro Dogs since April of 2022; helping to guide new puppies through our Puppy Pre-K program, teaching exciting new tricks to dogs participating in the Trick of the Month and Day Training program, advising owners through private sessions, and leading pet parents in group classes.
Positive reinforcement and Fear Free methodology are core values in her approach to training. There is nothing that Beth loves more than making training fun and accessible to owners and their dogs!

Bethany is a Fear Free certified Daycare Pro. 


Sydney the Metro Dogs Trick of the Month Trainer Works with Phil a Mini Aussie

Sydney (she/her)

Sydney has been working with dogs since 2017, but she has always had an affinity for animals for as long as she can remember! She has spent the last three years exclusively pursuing her love for dog training. This transition helped spark her passion for not only teaching, but also helping create a healthy bond between dogs and their pet parent!

Sydney is currently in the process of earning her degree in behavioral psychology and plans to continue her educational journey within the dog training community, as well. Sydney believes that it is critical to keep current on the ever-changing science and techniques used within the dog industry in order to best set pet parents up for success.

As an advocate for science-based methodologies, Sydney uses positive reinforcement and Fear Free based approaches while training. She has had so much fun putting these practices to use while participating in Metro Dogs Trick of the Month program, and she’s so happy that she gets to share these ideals while teaching the Puppy Basics in the Social Classroom and the Trick Training class!

Sydney believes that training should be fun for all involved, and nothing makes her happier than seeing pet parents and their animal companions succeed!





Hannah (she/her)

Hannah, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), Family Dog Mediator (FDM), Family Paws Parent Educator (FPPE), and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator, recently joined the Metro Dogs team in February of 2024. Around the same time she welcomed a new furry friend into her family, a Labrador Retriever puppy named Endor! You can follow their training journey & adventures on Instagram at @doggone_endorphins.

With a commitment to evidence-based, humane training methods, she brings her wealth of experience to help families and their dogs thrive together. An advocate for animal rescue, Hannah has fostered over 65 dogs through Warrior Dog Rescue, enhancing her skills in creating customized training plans. Whether addressing basic obedience or preparing for a new baby, her private lessons and group classes cater to specific goals, emphasizing positive reinforcement and compassionate communication.



Canine Good Citizen Evaluator Certification


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