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Thanks for joining Trick of the month!

This webpage is made JUST for you. This page will have an overview of the information you’ll need to continue training at home, the best way to contact Beth, and information on pricing and packages.

We are currently building up a video library of the tricks offered in the program. Since we opened the program to include a large variety of training and cooperative care options, this  video library is in the works! We will be updating this webpage as we finish them.

We truly appreciate the support while we are working on turning Trick of the Month into an integrated part of the Metro Dogs daycare! In order for us to make Trick of the Month the best program it can be, we value your feedback and suggestions.

Please reach out to Beth, [email protected] , if you have any thoughts of tricks to add, ways to better communicate on your dogs training, or to ask any questions on your dogs progress.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the pricing, scheduling, or have any concerns with the program, please reach out to general manager, Taylor, [email protected] .

Now let’s get started!

Trick Menu and Video Library

Currently, you may select up to 5 options each month for your dog to work on learning. While we cannot guarantee your dog will be able to master each 5 of the tricks, we will lay the foundation for you to be able to continue the training at home! If you do not have any particular preference, you can enroll with dealer’s choice.

Foundation Behaviors/Basic Obedience

  • Touch
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Wait/Leave It
  • Watch Me
  • Speak
  • Find It
  • Crawl
  • High Five
  • Shake
  • Paws Up (on object)
  • Spin/Twirl
  • Orbit/Circle Me

Intermediate Obedience/Tricks

  • **New** Retrieve an object
  • Roll Over
  • Find It (Under Cups)
  • Sit Pretty
  • Wave
  • By my side / heel (no leash)
  • Place (sit on object)
  • Catch
  • Head down
  • Stand on hind legs
  • Paws up on arm
  • Wipe your paws
  • Peek-a-boo
  • High Ten

Advanced Obedience/Tricks

**Please note most of these tricks will require your dog knowing an array of FOUNDATION behaviors!

  • **NEW** Put object in basket
  • **NEW** Shut the door
  • Play Dead
  • Retreat (crawl backwards)
  • Sit from distance
  • Down from distance
  • Shake off
  • Back up / “Beep Beep”
  • Take a bow
  • Cover your eyes (paw over eyes)

Cooperative Care/Life skills

  • Chin Rest
  • Lie on side (lateral)
  • Foot handling
  • Mouth handling
  • Mock eye exam
  • Mock ear exam
  • Restraints (for blood draws)
  • Brushing/combing
  • Sound of nail grind/blow dryer
  • Scratch board (nail filing)
  • Muzzle training
  • Wearing a cone
  • Find it/ Scatter focus

Dog Sport Basics

  • Weave through poles
  • Jump through hoop
  • Jump through circled arms
  • Weave through legs/figure 8
  • Balance on wobble board
  • Jump over hurdle
  • Run through tunnel
  • Walk over teeter totter
  • Walk over A-Frame

Pricing and Packages

 Trick of the Month is an add on service that is charged at a base rate of $15 for a single session. You may opt to purchase a package to reduce the per session cost of the program. Package credits will be used automatically when your dog is signed up for Trick of the Month!

Packages are available for the add on service as follows:

Package SizeCostSaving/PackageExpiration
5 Sessions$70.00Save $5.003 months
10 Sessions$130.00Save $20.003 months
20 Sessions$250.00Save $50.006 months

You may purchase packages through your Gingr Portal, on site, or request through phone or email!

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