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Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding in The News

Our friends at Sidewalk Dog interviewed Metro Dogs owner Amy Rosenthal for their article on dog boarding and boarding facilities:


Thanks to our friends at WCCO-TV for featuring Metro Dogs in their 10PM news lead during a heat wave last year.  The coverage of Metro Dogs’ air conditioned play spaces is at the 1:10 mark of the video:  WCCO Heat Wave



Listen to FM 107’s Jason Matheson rave about Metro Dogs (March 2012):  METRO DOGS AB FAB 0312


Many thanks to our dear friends at Lavender Magazine.  They shot a video tour of Metro Dogs and ran a photo spread in early 2012, shortly after we opened.

Here’s the guided tour video:

Here’s the article:






M.A. Rosko and the Fox9 Morning News team came to visit on January 4th.  Four segments aired, and here’s the one that they posted…tips on preparing your dog to be boarded.

There’s a dense concentration of dog-owners in dog-friendly downtown Minneapolis. Tapping into that market for daycare and boarding is Metro Dogs. M.A. Rosko takes Red to visit the facility which opened at the end of October in the North Loop neighborhood.


Downtown Journal Online spotlights Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding’s gleaming new facility!

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