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New Clients

Welcome to Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding!

We’re paperless and we’ll take you through the easy registration process step by step. 

Open Enrollment! We are now accepting new dogs.

Please read our Guidelines page before planning your dog’s first visit with us. If you are only interested in boarding, call us before you register.


Step 1: Register yourself and your dog(s)…Less than 5 minutes. Don’t fill in vaccination dates; we’ll do it.


Step 2: Complete the Behavior Profile…Less than 5 minutes –This is REQUIRED before Step 3 can happen.


Step 3: We’ll call your veterinarian to get your vaccination records and fecal test results.


Step 4: Then we’ll contact you to set up your first visit. We’ll usually get back to you in 24 hours, but sometimes it takes a bit longer…depending on what day we receive your form, your vet’s hours of operation, etc.  We might email you to ask you a question or provide important information.  Please note: email comes from so check your blocked mail file if you’ve not heard from us.


Dogs coming in for boarding must first be daycare “regulars”:  For safety’s sake and to reduce stress in our environment, dogs must be coming here routinely for daycare prior to any boarding stay. We do not accept dogs for boarding only during holidays or vacations.


OptionalPreview the Waiver that you’ll sign when you come to Metro Dogs. If you read it online you’ll save yourself time later. You can preview it here.


Step 1: Register Yourself and Your Dog (Then do Step 2; it’s required) If you only want overnight boarding, don’t register; call us instead.

  • When you’re finished, click “Create account” at the bottom.
  • After you create your account you can “add a pet” by clicking the button at the bottom.
  • For future use you’ll be able to log in with the user name and password that you’ve just created.

If at any point you need to log in again, click here.

If you missed registering your dog in step 1, click here.

If you have another dog, Click here to register a second dog. (You don’t need to repeat the Veterinarian information if your second dog’s records are housed at the same vet.) 


Step 2: Behavior Profile – required to complete registration

  • Click here to open the Behavior Profile form and write a response to each item. If you have two dogs you do not have to complete a second form. Just be sure to type a second line or paragraph in each answer box and clearly indicate which dog is associated with which behavior.


Steps 3 & 4: We do this part!

  • After we get your veterinary info, we’ll contact you to let you know if something else is needed or if you’re ready to go.
  • We’ll talk to you or email you to set up your first visit.

(Note…email comes from so check your blocked mail file if you’ve not heard from us.)

Please read our Guidelines page before planning your dog’s first visit with us.