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Welcome to Metro Dogs! We’re happy you’re here! 

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What to expect when you bring your dog for their evaluation day:

Expect your pups first day to be a lot like a kids first day at school! There are a lot of new things to take in when being dropped off, new smells, new people, doggy noises and the hardest part, walking away from you! Don’t be afraid to give your pup some extra comfort.

We have scheduled you for a specific drop off time on the evaluation day so that you may speak with a manager on duty. The evaluations are scheduled to allow for the manager adequate time with each new dog, therefore we are unable to accommodate for late arrivals. If you are unable to arrive by the scheduled time, please call to reschedule.

After you depart from the drop off, the manager will give your dog a slow introduction into the play area they deem to be the best fit based on: the behavior profile you’ve submitted for your pup, their age, their size, and their general demeanor at drop off! We’ll give them some time to acclimate to the new environment, sniff some new sniffs, check out the digs, and of course, meet all their new puppy friends.

We require this evaluation to make sure that your dog fits into this specific social environment, we want them to be comfortable, happy, and willing to engage with people and dogs! If for any reason Metro Dogs isn’t the right fit for your pup, you will receive a phone call to discuss. If your dog does not pass the evaluation, we do require you are able to come pick your dog up from Metro Dogs. They are not able to stay for the day if they are not eligible to be in the play group. If your dog is having a blast, you’ll receive a full update from the manager at your scheduled pick up time.

What to bring for your first day of daycare:

Simple! Bring your pup in on their “daycare clothes.” Our dogs play “naked” so we ask that your dog arrives in something quick and easy to take off and put on. This means that we want your pup dressed in something quick to remove in the morning, and easy to put back on in the evening. It should include only one clasp and should not need to have any legs picked up and put into place. YES DRESS includes: snap collar, gentle leader, easy walk harness, joy ride harness, 4ft/6ft leash, or slip leash. NO GO clothes: buckle collar, prong/choke collar, harness/collar combo, step in, clip and leash clip harness, velcro harness, flexi leash, shock collar, or martingale collar without a snap release. Rule of thumb is if it’s not one way on and off, it’s not a good fit for daycare clothing.

Think of it this way: when your kid is going to school, they put on their backpack. When your pup is going to daycare, they put on their daycare “clothes!” Much like a backpack isn’t always the same as an overnight bag, daycare clothes are not always going to be suitable everyday walking tools. Instead, they will be something that will safely get your dog from the car into the building and be taken off and put back on easily.

If your dog regularly eats a lunch time meal at home, you may bring a labeled baggie with their meal to be fed during the noon hour. If your dog is over 6 months of age, there will be an additional charge for this service. Most dogs prefer to eat their meals before or after daycare, it’s more fun to stay in the group and play with their friends than be by themselves.

If your dog has veterinarian diagnosed food allergies, bring a Ziploc bag of their own kibble or small treats labeled with their name that we will use in place of our house treats. (We use a basic kibble for treats, and peanut butter for extra tasty snacks if needed.) We require that your dog can receive some form of treats during daycare, so please be sure to bring appropriate snacks if they can’t have ours.

St. Paul dog Daycare Metro Dogs Daycare Grand Ave 55114 (651) 642-9663

What to expect after the evaluation day:

After a successful evaluation day, you are welcome to schedule future reservations for your pup through the online portal! Just select “Request Daycare” and you’re on your way! We require reservations for daycare, as we do have a limit to how many dogs we can take at our facility.

Click here to access your Gingr portal to request future reservations.

If you know there are upcoming days you need, it’s best to request them right away. We often reach our safety capacity at our facility. If we have reached our safety capacity, we will have a waitlist for daycare. Please view our FAQ for more information on our cancellation policy.

Dogs can be sensitive to changes in their lives, please notify us if your dog may be experiencing any of the following:

  • changes in the home or their daily routine
  • your dog has an unpleasant experience with another dog or person
  • minor health concerns or newly diagnosed ailments
  • new medications that may have physical or mental changes as side effects

These things may potentially affect how your dog is feeling while they attend their regular daycare days. We will be able to keep a close eye on their behavior and report back anything we notice.

Additionally, we ask that you notify us if you are having any health concerns with your dog. We track illness symptoms being displayed by our daycare dogs so that we can contact owners if there are any contagious illnesses.

What if my dog doesn’t “pass” the evaluation?!

If the Metro Dogs scene isn’t right for your dog, we are happy to suggest alternate options for them. Doggy daycare is a unique environment and we can’t expect all dogs to fit in. Not all humans are ready to go clubbing until 1am at age 40, your grandparents definitely can’t hang on the playground from dusk to dawn, and sometimes we’re just more introverted than extroverted and it’s not fun to hang with a boat load of people.  That’s so okay and SO NORMAL. We’re kind of the hang out for the extroverts of the dog world. So if Metro Dogs doesn’t end up being the perfect fit, rest assured, you still have an awesome freakin’ dog. 


What is the cost of an evaluation day?

Evaluation days are the same as a cost of regular daycare! For more information on our rates, including packages and service charges, please click here.

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