Making Life Easier for the
Busy Urban Dog Owner

Metro Dogs Daycare – Dog, Puppy Training

Training at Metro Dogs comes 2 ways:

Onsite in our play groups and with our trainer/consultant Go Anywhere Dog.

At Metro Dogs we integrate training and “Mind Your Manners” sessions into your dog’s play day at no extra charge.

Have a puppy? We have a unique puppy program and dog training offerings.

Our daycare teachers employ only positive reinforcement methodology to manage the play groups.

  • We treat reward desired behaviors.
  • Daily exercises include sitting nicely, recall, touch games and walking in group.
  • We work with each dog in its play group to determine what motivates him/her. Some dogs are food motivated; others crave a good butt scratch or a belly rub!

Our play groups are Tiny Tots, Little Kids, Middle Kids, and Big Kids.