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Busy Urban Dog Owner

Metro Dogs Daycare – Dog Daycare Service

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After a hectic day, it’s great to pick up a tired-out pup ready to cuddle instead of pestering you for a long walk!

At Metro Dogs Daycare we engage your dog in playrooms that are seasonally air conditioned and heated.

Our dog daycare service makes your life easier! Here’s why you and your dog will benefit from daycare:

  • Your dog is a pack animal. Being alone all day sometimes is okay, but not every day. A dog that plays and is socialized with other dogs is healthier and happier.
  • Bored dogs can become destructive. Mental and physical stimulation decreases bad behaviors.
  • We engage in training games (at no extra charge); customers tell us that their dogs behave better at home.

We have 5 unique playrooms, each supervised by a daycare teacher, a large outdoor potty area, and an area off the lobby designated for young puppies. (Scroll down for info on each playroom)


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View your dog’s activities from home or your office via our Doggy Webcams and Phone App

Your Dog’s Safety: Our Top Priority!

Read the Guidelines that ensure the safety and well being of our canine customers.

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Playrooms: Each is always attended by a daycare teacher.

Tiny Town: Reserved for the tiniest teacup dogs, very young puppies or ultra shy small dogs.

Little Kids:  For engaging playful pups and small dogs who are braver than Tiny Tots but too small for Middles.

Middle Kids:  For dogs that have outgrown Littles but are less boisterous than the Bigs.

Big Kids: A large squared-off space for the dogs who are heavy duty players.  Has 2 double-gated entries.

Puppy Playpen: The youngest ones play together in their personal play space in the lobby.  Great for socialization to people plus acclimation to sights and smells and sounds of all size dogs.