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Dog Videos

Everyday should have bubbles and puppies!

We love our puppies and napping is definitely necessary but we can’t wait to play with them when they wake up!

When your dog is the last one to be picked up from daycare, she just might get some extra special attention!

To begin nap time the little ones from the Tiny Tots playroom are corralled into the Puppy Play Area for their rest.

Mike gets the dogs all revved up for a game of Fetch!

Bucky’s Amazing Biscuit Trick

Piper walks herself into the playroom!

Every Christmas Santa Dog visits all the dogs in our boarding facility!

Upon arrival, Olive sniffs the leashes to see which of her friends are already here!

Tiny puppy play…with an even tinier surprise!

It is Hurleys first day at Metro Dogs so he is exploring everything…including Allisons head.

This gaggle of puppies will be snoozing in just a few minutes.

Jason brought his puppy Dexter (rt) and loved the experience!

Turn up the volume for 30 seconds of nose-twitching blissful slumber with 5-month old Winnie during nap time.

He loves playing at Metro Dogs so much that he ignores his dad.