Making Life Easier for the
Busy Urban Dog Owner

Daycare Demand

Why is there such high demand on our space at Metro Dogs?  Two- and four-legged customers love coming to Metro Dogs because we provide:

1.  Playroom fun

  • We are the only facility in the metro area that utilizes positive reinforcement techniques with food rewards. (And we all know that food is the #1 motivator.)
  • Our daycare teachers are “hands on” with your kids.

2.  Playroom safety

  • We set strict dogs-to-human ratios which is why we’ve often had to close admittance and employ a waiting list.
  • Everybody is assigned a playroom appropriate to his size and play style.
  • Our daycare teachers are trained in canine behavior and body language.

3. Playroom education

  • We conduct daily “Mind Your Manners” sessions. Plus, we focus on sits, recalls, and gate behaviors. There’s no extra charge for this; it’s all part of the Metro Dogs experience.
  • Dog parents often report back to us that their kids are behaving better in their apartment and condo buildings when they’re around other dogs.

4. Five different individual, viewable playrooms

  • Our smaller facility size makes for close one-on-one care of your kids.
  • Each room is viewable with a webcam and a phone app.

At Metro Dogs our top priority is always to super serve our customers, both 2-legged and 4- !