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current-customersPlease register at the New Customer paw if you are not yet in our database.


Boarding and Daycare: Reservations & Cancellations

If you have a daycare or boarding reservation but won’t be able to come, we need 24 hours’ cancellation notice or you will be charged for one day of service.


Daycare Reservation  Before you submit a request, see info below about availability and our waiting list. We update availability on a real-time, daily basis. Saturday and Sunday are always available unless otherwise noted.


Our playrooms are operating at their safety limits most, but not all, weekdays.  We are now more quickly clearing folks from the waiting list.  We have space every Saturday and Sunday plus additional weekdays updated here:


We have daycare availability:  

When playrooms are at their safety limits you may utilize the Daycare Waiting List. We call into the list as cancellations come in.


Boarding Reservation   

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Note: Please see our Guidelines for waiting periods for newly adopted dogs and first-time Bordetella vaccinations.