confidence club

What is Confidence Club?

Confidence Club is specialized, small group enrichment programming designed by dog trainers and run by our Fear Free certified Assistant Manager, Jason and guest appearances from Bethany, our Daycare Trainer and Tabi our Confidence Club assistant. It’s a “daycare within a daycare” to meet the specific social, physical, and emotional needs of dogs using mental stimulation, social activities, group training and more.

which dogs would benefit from Confidence Club?

If your dog is slow to warm to people and/or dogs, nervous, or fearful this may be the perfect thing. But your dog doesn’t have to be fearful, they can also be socially selective, disinterested or bored in larger group play, overstimulated during the larger playgroups, or even just needing something more to their routine.  Some examples of dogs who this program is designed to benefit most:

  • Commercial Breeder (“puppy mill”) Rescues
  • Rescue dogs imported from out-of-state or out-of-country with little or no early socialization
  • Dogs adopted that came without history of their previous living situations or social experiences
  • Dogs that experienced trauma during previous social activities (attacked at dog park, bad puppy class experience, etc)
  • Dogs displaying cautious behaviors in familiar situations and are generally nervous or cautious
  • Dogs with heavy daycare use who might burn out with too much group play
  • Dogs who “outgrew” the general daycare environment or are overstimulated by the number of dogs in their playroom
  • Dogs that have their cup filled by human interactions versus dog interactions

what happens during confidence club?

Dogs are in a separate, quiet section of the building with their own playroom, suites, and crates. The playroom utilizes Adaptil calming pheromones to promote feelings of safety and comfort and is cleaned before use with Rescue brand disinfectant, a Fear Free certified product to remove pathogens and pheromones. All Confidence Club activities are designed and supervised by professional trainers.

Activities include:

  • Small group, facilitated play/socializing
  • Professional trainers specializing in social behavior will slowly introduce dogs and guide them through socializing and playing in a way that is enjoyable to all dogs in the room
  • Confidence building games with a variety of surfaces, noises, and objects
  • Tunnels and hoops and teeter totters oh my! Professional trainers will slowly and carefully introduce your dog to new games and equipment building their confidence to play and engage slowly and carefully
  • Brain games, treat puzzles and other mentally stimulating and relaxing activities
  • As dogs become comfortable in the environment obedience games such as group stays are introduced
  • Relationship building with safe, trained, Fear Free Certified humans

when is Confidence Club?

  • Mondays and Fridays at Metro Dogs, 506 N 11th Ave, MPLS MN 55411
    • Conveniently located on the edge of North Loop in downtown Minneapolis with plenty of free and easy parking! We’re less than a mile from these major freeway exits:
      • Washington Ave & W. Broadway, off the 94 exit ramp
      • Olson Memorial Highway exit from 94
      • Washington / 3rd Ave. N exit from 394
  • Drop off between 9 and 9:30 AM to meet with Jason.
    • If your dog is unable to be in the regular playroom and need to drop before 9a, please notify us.
    • If your dog is eligible to go out to the playroom, you may drop off anytime without notice.
  • Scheduled pick up between 4 PM and 5 PM to meet with Jason.
    • Scheduled times will be in 10 minute increments.
    • Earlier or later pick up within our pickup hours is possible, but Jason will not be available to discuss your dog’s day, instead request a report card.
Beth, Metro Dogs daycare training, giving her Australian Shepherd Pete a high five in front if the Minneapolis Skyline.

meet your confidence club host, Jason

I have been with Metro Dogs for almost 11 years, starting part time and working up to Assistant manager and Confidence Club Coordinator! I have always enjoyed bonding and breaking through with the shy, nervous, and scared dogs. Seeing their progress, slow as it may be sometimes, and seeing them come out of their shells is the most rewarding thing about working here. Becoming a certified Fear Free Professional earlier this year has only strengthened this mentality. I believe animals speak to those who know how to listen and I try to always be that person. 

meet your confidence club assistant, tabi

Since adopting my own dog in 2020, who came to me with her own set of insecurities, I found that patience came to me so naturally when working with building her confidence. This has profoundly affected the way I observe and treat all dogs – regardless of their confidence levels. When Metro Dogs asked if I wanted to be a part of Confidence Club, I didn’t even have to think twice. Working with anxious dogs is what I love to do most and I can’t wait to watch your dogs become more of who they are with us.

Beth, Metro Dogs daycare training, giving her Australian Shepherd Pete a high five in front if the Minneapolis Skyline.


How much does Confidence Club cost?

A single day of Confidence Club is $80.00.

Packages are available to reduce the per day cost for the program. A package of 5 days of Confidence Club are $375.00. A package of 10 days of Confidence Club is $710.00. Confidence Club packages expire 6 months from purchase date.

What if my dog attends regular daycare but I want them to try Confidence Club, too?

We are happy to give it a try! Confidence Club is a unique setting, so not all dogs that attend regular daycare will fit in or enjoy it. Send Jason an email if you’d like to discuss the idea of your dog trying it out.

What if my dog has never attended doggy daycare before?

Previous daycare experience is NOT required! In fact, Confidence Club is designed as a program to help ease your dog into the daycare environment! However, there are going to be some limitations. Dogs that have never interacted with other dogs and show extreme fear or reactivity towards dogs they see should first be evaluated by a certified professional dog trainer first. Additionally, dogs must be able to be handled safely by our staff members and cannot be aggressive towards people or dogs. We’re always happy to discuss individual situations!

My dog has some behavior quirks, could they still be in Confidence Club?

Don’t we all have some quirks?! Jokes aside, yes of course. All dogs have some sort of behavior quirk, however, there are going to be things that aren’t suitable for the social environment. Excessive mounting, barking, and resource guarding are all behaviors that can be problematic in the social environment. These behaviors can sour other dog’s experiences. If your dog displays these behaviors, we recommend speaking with a certified professional dog trainer first. If your dog has other quirks, we’re happy to discuss these with you before you register.

My dog has never been to Metro Dogs, how do I get started in Confidence Club?

Your first step will be to register in our software, here is the direct URL: . After you have completed the registration, you’ll need to gather your dog’s veterinary information. We will need your dog to be current on Rabies, DHPP (or equivalent), Bordetella vaccines and a negative fecal exam. You can upload this information electronically to your Gingr account, or you can send it to us through email at [email protected] . Once we verify this veterinary information, we’ll reach out to you to get your dogs first day scheduled with us! As our groups are curated to fit different sizes, play styles, and personalities, we will plan for your dog to attend on a day that will best suit them based on the profile information you submitted.

Is Confidence Club similar to day training programs?

While we work with each dog towards specific goals, we are not a suitable replacement for a day training program. We’re happy to refer you to other facilities that offer this. However, if you are just looking for your dog to learn new, fun, or foundation behaviors, your dog may benefit from attending regular daycare and participating in Trick of the Month with Bethany, our daycare trainer!