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Boarding and Daycare Update

In the canine care world, it’s well known that dogs do best with what’s familiar, and they get stressed by new and different. That’s why dogs have lots of fun playing with friends that they regularly see in their daycare play groups, and they have less fun when new and unfamiliar dogs enter the group. It’s also stressful for the new dog.

At Metro Dogs overnight boarders mingle and play with daycare dogs. Since many boarders come only on holidays or when their owners go on vacation, these dogs are unfamiliar to the dogs that come daily, thus leading to stress within the play groups.

We have decided to create an environment that’s more safe and fun for your kids by reducing the numbers of dogs that come for boarding. This will also allow us to admit more daycare dogs each day, and these dogs will become “regulars.” We can also assure our daycare customers that we’ll have space in boarding for them when they need it.

Over the next 2 months you will see these changes at Metro Dogs:

1.  Overnight boarding will be reserved for dogs that are daycare customers; we will be phasing out overnight service for dogs that:

  • stay with us only on holidays
  • come only once or twice a year when owners go on vacation
  • are visiting from out of town

2.  Daycare reservation plans will be modified to accept long-term standing reservations. This will include:

  • reserving 1, 2, or 3 days per week from June through December, renewable in January
  • no need to book each month or check reservation dates; just notify us if you can’t come


Why is there such high demand on our space at Metro Dogs? Every week we are asked when we will expand our space so we don’t have to turn away daycare customers. Since expanding is not in the immediate future, our new plan will allow us to serve more daycare customers. They love coming to Metro Dogs because we provide:

1.  Playroom fun

  • We are the only facility in the metro area that utilizes positive reinforcement techniques with food rewards. (And we all know that food is the #1 motivator.)
  • Our daycare teachers are “hands on” with your kids.

2.  Playroom safety

  • We set strict dogs-to-human ratios which is why we’ve often had to close admittance and employ a waiting list.
  • Everybody is assigned a playroom appropriate to his size and play style.
  • Our daycare teachers are trained in canine behavior and body language.

3. Playroom education

  • We conduct daily “Mind Your Manners” sessions. Plus, we focus on sits, recalls, and gate behaviors. There’s no extra charge for this; it’s all part of the Metro Dogs experience.
  • Dog parents often report back to us that their kids are behaving better in their apartment and condo buildings when they’re around other dogs.

4. Several individual, viewable playrooms

  • Our smaller facility size makes for close one-on-one care of your kids.
  • Each room is viewable with a webcam and a phone app.

At Metro Dogs our top priority is always to super serve our customers, both 2-legged and 4- !


March 18, 2015; updated May 31