Making Life Easier for the
Busy Urban Dog Owner

Happy Customers

Smiling dogs are happy dogs and happy dogs make happy customers…4-legged and 2-legged! At Metro Dogs our goal is to make all of our customers happy, canine and human. We pledge to make life easier for busy dog owners and along with that pledge comes our ongoing review of procedures to make sure that we’re serving your needs. Earlier in the year we added a fourth play room dedicated to tiny tots and very young puppies. This spring we enlarged our staff to provide more personnel to serve you up front. And we’ve just added more puppy crates to the lobby napping area to respond to the increasing demand for little ones to stay and play with us. At the end of this month we’re celebrating our second anniversary, and we’re doing so in grand style with a whole week of extra goodies for you. If there’s a service you need that you’ve not seen us provide, talk to me. We’re here for you!  ~Amy

October 2013

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