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Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding – Dog Grooming

Get fluffed and buffed at Metro Dogs!

Play…nap…play…GROOM! Drop off Daisy and Buddy in the morning for a play day and we’ll whisk them off the floor when it’s their turn for bath, nail trim, brush…and even anal gland expression.  At the end of the day we’ll return them to you fluffed and buffed!

Service: these services are always available; request them at check-in or on your reservation form 
Anal gland expression$17
Bath - see chart directly below
Ear cleanse$11
Furminator - see chart at the bottom
Nail trim$12
Nail grind - smoother edges$16
Teeth brushing$6
Dog Weight (for Bathing)Bath, Blow Dry & Brush
Up to 40 pounds$26
41 - 70 pounds$36
71 - 90 pounds$46
Over 90 pounds$56

Long haired breeds or very thick coat, bump up one level due to extra long drying time.


We also do light hair trims…face, feet, fanny…plus Furminator treatments.

Priced a la carte, or we’ll package several grooming items together at a discount for your Metro Dogs Fluff & Buff. For instance, a light hair trim along with bath, nail trim and ear cleanse will be priced less than each item added separately.

Hair Trim and Furminator (priced by size of dog and coat type)SmallMed - Large
Trim: face or feet or fanny (or all)$9-21$11-26
Furminator brushout: removes undercoat and loose hair$11-16$16-26